Monday, November 21, 2011

Introductory blog ...

This is my first time to blog ... ever.  So, thank you "Saidas" at Huffington Post for motivating me.

I've been posting comments over at Huffington Post for a while and there's only so much that can be said in 250 words or less.

What's motivating me to start blogging is the state in which are country has descended.  I have a 15-year old daughter and a seven-year old son:  I'm worried about their future. 

The time has come that we must start living as if no one and nothing is going to come to our rescue and save us.  We must come to realize that if we do nothing to change what's wrong with our country, then we will get what we deserve.

In the news story found at here, I posted a typical "bumper sticker"-statement in order to get a response.

The statement was

"When the rich rob the poor, it's called 'business'­.
When the poor fight back, it's called 'violence­' ".

Which produced the following response from a user with the handle "AnotherAngle",

“How do the rich "rob the poor" exactly?”

I then let loose with the following -- each individually posted:

*Eminant Domain of one's home to build a shopping mall ...
*banking fees on accounts that don't maintain a minimum balance
*destroying­/hampering public transporta­tion which prevents access to jobs
*pricing people out of health care
*move jobs overseas and then use that as leverage to lower wages and benefits
*demand socialized losses but insist on privatized gains
*use and abuse our taxpayer-f­unded infrastruc­ture but seek as many ways as possible to avoid paying their fair share to keep that infrastruc­ture maintained
*debit card fees
*check cashing fees
*predatory lending
*suppressio­n of minimum wages that keep up with inflation
*taking life insurance policies out on their employees and collect on them when they are killed and not give ONE DIME to their families
*refusal to give loans at a reasonable interest rate
*changing credit card agreements mid-stream
*20- to 25-day billing cycles in months that have no less than 28 days between paydays -- then charging "late fees"
*not paying royalties on resources owned by the American taxpayer

This list is in no way complete -- it's only the beginning.

It touches on only the barest issues that drive the Occupy Movement. 

You know there's something wrong.  Find your nearest Occupy gathering and begin asking questions.

If you are tired of the game being rigged in favor of those who need your money the least, do something about it!

*Write your Congressperson
*Write a letter to your paper's editor
*Take food and supplies to the people standing up for you at your local Occupy gathering
*Pay with cash whenever possible
*Don't purchase anything November 25, 26 & 27
*Shop for X-mas gifts at the number of garage sales in your neighborhood -- your neighbors could use the cash

Changes have already been made:  The media has stopped discussing "birth certificates" and has begun discussing "income inequality". 

Small change, but a change, nonetheless.

For more perspective, watch this video that explains the 99% vs. the 1% in 5 minutes.

Stay strong,

Brian Ingram

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