Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Idea for employees of Big Box Retailers preparing for Black Friday ...

On Huffington Post's Front Page, you will find two stories that should be causing cognitive dissonance to Progressives and Occupiers everywhere.

On the front page, you can find a blog by Joe Hanson and then you can find a story about the best Black Friday deals.

It took a couple of minutes but I had to fire off a comment to post on the "Best Black Friday" deals.  As of this writing, the post is lost, stuck, or quashed in Moderator Purgatory that seems to be infiltrating more and more of HuffPo's stories.

Anyway, here's what I posted.


The last thing these corporate slaveowner­s who prostitute out our states and national capitols need is more advertisin­g that drives mindless consumers to feed their empty shopping addictions­.

HuffPo, you started out as a PROGRESSIV­E voice for those of us that had no outlet.

And now, on the same front page of your Hallmark-c­ark like website, you shill for the same Big-box retail stores while you are reporting that they demand their employees say an early good-bye to their 90-year old grandmothe­r who probably has flown in from Phoenix for her last Thanksgivi­ng so they can sell TVs to obese consumers who would be better served RUNNING around the exterior of a Best Buy rather than camping out in front of one.


Fellow 99%-ers: STAY HOME Friday ... or Thursday night (whatever your situation)­. If you can afford it, call your boss at the retail shop where you work and tell him or her that you have a case of "Family" you need to get rid of.

Tell the boss that it's really contagious and if you show up for work, you might spread your case of "Family" and cause other employees to want to stay home and treat their case of "Family".

Seriously .... is there any question NOW why there's an Occupy movement occuring near you?

THIS is why we're organizing­.

Rant off ...

Here's hoping it gets through ... but ranting on someone else's website will only go so far.

My plan is to go and purchase some sidewalk chalk and at around 9 or 10 p.m., go and write near the employee parking spaces of some Big Box retailers (who aren't opened 24 hours) and write something about compelling them to call in sick or something.

You know where employees park, don't you?  They park WAAAAAAY in the back of the parking lot.  Maybe, some fellow Occupiers can talk with a few of them out there and let them know we stand with them and we appreciate the situation they're in.

To let them know, that there are people out there who are just like them and are tired of working harder and harder while bringing home less and less.

That we, too, believe that their hard work should be able to put food on their table, put their kids through college without burdening them with crushing debt and not force that worker to choose between a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner and antibiotics for their child's ear infection.

I'm asking my fellow Occupiers to meet these workers as they get out of their car and tell them -- repeatedly -- that we are on their side ... that we represent them ... that they KNOW something is wrong with having to choose between their Holiday with their families and their income.

I'll be out their showing them my appreciation -- please do the same.



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